Rebecca Returns

We were delighted to see Rebecca and Alex who had their wedding here in September 2011 when they came to visit us and show Harry Warren to their children.

Always pleased to see wedding couples and their families so do give us a call if you would like to visit. They all looked very bonny and married life obviously suited them very well.

This photo can be identified as 2020 as in the background off Old Harry the third largest cruise liner in the world is sitting at anchor having nowhere to go – well perhaps a little trip down to Weymouth now and again.

Naked Tipis

Getting ready for the Open Week-end and the weather is glorious. Tipis are going up and this is what they look like without their coats.

More tents and the big Sailcloth marquee will be going up over the next couple of days ready for the start of the Event at Noon on Friday 11th September.

Wedding Open Week End – September 12th

Our wedding open week-end with Coastal Tents will now be full speed ahead for the week-end of 12th September. Do come along the marquee will be fully dressed by the various experts, refreshment will of course be provided and you will be able to see the wonderful (er.. it will be October) grounds of Harry Warren and the spectacular panoramic views.

If there are any COVID restrictions in place these will be easily accommodated as we have plenty of space and can plan and layout the event accordingly. Put it in your diary. Of course you can come and see us here at any time, just get in touch so that we can expect you.

+++ Pandemic +++

Wedding Visits

We are well positioned regarding isolation and as a household are observing the prescribed precautions. At the moment we are still taking visits from wedding couples as we can see everything that needs to be seen by walking around the grounds where it is easy to observe the proper distances. Detailed discussion and questions can be addressed by sitting outside under the veranda. We also have hand sanitiser and wipes to hand.

Attic Studio

The Attic Studio has its own entrance, is self-contained and self catering. It is therefore easy to observe the prescribed precautions. Harry Warren House is isolated with its own parking and we are continuing to accept bookings. There is plenty to do as far as walking and the beach is concerned and we are exceptionally positioned for them both. It is easy to have a very good stay and observe all the separation advice with out difficulty. We have hand sanitiser and wipes available. As a household we are very much staying put and are observing the pandemic precautions.


The Isle of Purbeck and Studland in particular is blessed with lots of wonderful walks, views and coastline. It is therefore easy to observe the isolation requirements in the fresh air and have a good time. Owing to the pandemic the pubs and restaurants are closed but some are still operating a takeaway service.

Open Week-end 25th April 2020 – CANCELLED

This Open Week-end has been cancelled owing to the pandemic and will be rescheduled for later in the year depending on the development of the pandemic.

+++ The Open Week-end here on Saturday 25th (10am-6pm) and Sunday 26th (10am-4pm) April 2020 in association with Coastal Tents. has been cancelled.+++

This is an excellent opportunity to see the marquee and tipis fully dressed, get a feel for what we at Harry Warren have to offer and benefit from the expertise of the stylists, photographers, florists, caterers and other specialist suppliers who also will be on hand.

Waiting for the Bride who is arriving up the Beach Steps
The South Beach from the Beach Steps

The latest Google Satellite image (look for BH19 3AN) shows the 3 pole sailcloth marquee in place.

Just come along on one of the days, it is best to park at the National Trust Car Park by the Bankes Arms and then take the short walk up the lane to us. We do have limited parking here but the lane is very single track and usually has lots of walkers on it. The N.T. Car Park is where wedding guests always park, the lane is leafy and rustic and the walk is a short one.

A great opportunity to see the fully dressed marquee and look at the grounds of Harry Warren House.

Weddings again in 2020

Having taken a break from holding weddings here in 2019 we are now taking bookings for weddings in 2020.  Shown here is a marquee from Coastal Tents.


Garden is still as lovely as ever and all that changes is that the trees get bigger – some of them in the conifer garden have got a bit too big and may have to go.

As always anyone contemplating a Studland Church wedding would do well to contact the vicar, Tony Higgins, early in the piece as it is such a historic and pretty church that it is becoming increasingly booked up for weddings.

Julia’s House Jurassic Trek Finish 2018

Julia’s House is a well regarded local childrens’ hospice charity that holds an annual Jurassic Trek fund-raising walk along the wonderful Jurassic and Purbeck coastline.  They asked us if we would consider being their finish line and we were of course happy to oblige and support this local charity.  The event took place on June 10th 2018 and all the walkers – arriving at various times throughout the day – depending on the killer competitive spirit and level of training(?).  Some of them were just glad to make it.

When they got in they were rewarded with refreshments and burgers and the whole lawn became one giant picnic.  The event was a great success and raised over £93,000 for the charity.

Howard’s End – Aunt Juley’s House

The BBC Howard’s End (shown in April 2018) features Harry Warren as Aunt Juley’s seaside house in Swanage in Episode 3 of 4.  The drawing room was set dressed to be totally Edwardian and there is some action in the garden.  It is very recognisable and they were here for a week preparing, setting up and filming.  Not much sitting around for the actors, they were working doing takes and retakes all the time