Weddings again in 2020

Having taken a break from holding weddings here in 2019 we are now taking bookings for weddings in 2020.  Coastal Tents have provided us with an on site marquee which is one of the best that we have seen.  With the marquee comes all the furniture, tables, chairs, dance floor etc that you will need for a first class event.  Keeping the marquee up does away with all the traffic and repetitive effort involved in starting and taking away a new marquee every week – makes good sense!

Everything is included for 120 guests – the church seats 120 but the marquee is large enough for more.

Garden is still as lovely as ever and all that changes is that the trees get bigger – some of them in the conifer garden have got a bit too big and may have to go.

As always anyone contemplating a Studland Church wedding would do well to contact the vicar, Tony Higgins, early in the piece as it is such a historic and pretty church that it is becoming increasingly booked up for weddings.

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