Rebecca Returns

We were delighted to see Rebecca and Alex who had their wedding here in September 2011 when they came to visit us and show Harry Warren to their children.

Always pleased to see wedding couples and their families so do give us a call if you would like to visit. They all looked very bonny and married life obviously suited them very well.

This photo can be identified as 2020 as in the background off Old Harry the third largest cruise liner in the world is sitting at anchor having nowhere to go – well perhaps a little trip down to Weymouth now and again.

Naked Tipis

Getting ready for the Open Week-end and the weather is glorious. Tipis are going up and this is what they look like without their coats.

More tents and the big Sailcloth marquee will be going up over the next couple of days ready for the start of the Event at Noon on Friday 11th September.