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Smaller Weddings

Owing to the Covid Regulations we have had a couple of weddings that have had to observe the 30 person restriction and they have worked very well. It has been an education for us as we usually have large weddings here as we have the space and marquees are geared for a larger event.

However the smaller weddings have gone very well indeed and everyone had a splendid time. Absolutely no downside, the wedding parties said that they had plenty of time to spend with people and couldn’t have been happier with the whole day.

Harry Warren is Fully Booked for 2021 and 2022

We are fully booked for this year (2021) and next year (2022) and will not be holding weddings here in 2023.

Picture Perfect

Harry Warren – Picture perfect whatever the weather!

One of the main reasons couples choose our beautiful venue is for the stunning views over Studland Bay and across to Old Harry Rocks. The photos of your day will always be magical as you reminisce about your wedding, but with our backdrop, they will be even more striking. We chatted to wedding photographer Murray Freestone about why he loved shooting at Harry Warren House and why not to fear wet weather on your wedding day.

Lauren and Chris, Harry Warren House (Murray Freestone)

Murray predicts that half of his summer weddings have had rain at some point, but in the British summer you’re unlikely to get continuous rain. “Some of the loveliest photos I have taken have been on wet days. The light you get when you have a dramatic sky and the sun breaks through can be one of the most beautiful moments of the day”.

If you do get rain, the key is to stay flexible. Usually you will know in advance if rain is looking likely so you can plan for it. It might be hard to change the time of the ceremony and meal, but as long as you’re happy to deviate from other plans it will allow you to get couple shots and outdoor group shots when the rain eases.

Props can be great fun. If you know you’re expecting rain then have wellies and umbrellas to hand. From a photographers point of view there is a lot we can do with that to create some really fun moments”.

Whatever the weather, one of the things Murray loves about Harry Warren House is the beach aspect. Not only does it give everyone something to do, which makes for interesting photos, it also meant that Lauren and Chris (who he photographed in 2016) had somewhere to escape to, just the two of them. “Something I hear a lot from couples is that they really cherished being able to go and catch their breath together and have a few moments away from the wedding party just the two of them”. With the beach, the conifer garden and our amphitheatre, Harry Warren House offers lots of opportunity for natural couple shots as you explore the grounds.

If you’d like to come and see what we have to offer, or if you’re all ready booked and would like to do a site visit with your photographer (when guidelines allow) then please give us a call – we’ll be very happy to see you.

On the Beach below Harry Warren House.

+ + Pandemic March 21 + +

We now have the Roadmap saying that events and weddings can proceed as normal after 21st June 2021, this year. Up till then it seems events are limited to thirty people. Here’s hoping that the hospitality and entertainment sectors apply some pressure and with the number of people actually ill from the virus dropping significantly the date will roll back.

Weather here has been lovely for the past couple of days and have been able to sit outside with a white wine (no need to cool it), some snacks and enjoy the view over the bay – and it’s February!

Rebecca Returns

We were delighted to see Rebecca and Alex who had their wedding here in September 2011 when they came to visit us and show Harry Warren to their children.

Always pleased to see wedding couples and their families so do give us a call if you would like to visit. They all looked very bonny and married life obviously suited them very well.

This photo can be identified as 2020 as in the background off Old Harry the third largest cruise liner in the world is sitting at anchor having nowhere to go – well perhaps a little trip down to Weymouth now and again.

Naked Tipis

Getting ready for the Open Week-end and the weather is glorious. Tipis are going up and this is what they look like without their coats.

More tents and the big Sailcloth marquee will be going up over the next couple of days ready for the start of the Event at Noon on Friday 11th September.

Wedding Open Week End – September 12th

Our wedding open week-end with Coastal Tents will now be full speed ahead for the week-end of 12th September. Do come along the marquee will be fully dressed by the various experts, refreshment will of course be provided and you will be able to see the wonderful (er.. it will be October) grounds of Harry Warren and the spectacular panoramic views.

If there are any COVID restrictions in place these will be easily accommodated as we have plenty of space and can plan and layout the event accordingly. Put it in your diary. Of course you can come and see us here at any time, just get in touch so that we can expect you.

+++ Pandemic +++

Wedding Visits

We are well positioned regarding isolation and as a household are observing the prescribed precautions. At the moment we are still taking visits from wedding couples as we can see everything that needs to be seen by walking around the grounds where it is easy to observe the proper distances. Detailed discussion and questions can be addressed by sitting outside under the veranda. We also have hand sanitiser and wipes to hand.

Attic Studio

The Attic Studio has its own entrance, is self-contained and self catering. It is therefore easy to observe the prescribed precautions. Harry Warren House is isolated with its own parking and we are continuing to accept bookings. There is plenty to do as far as walking and the beach is concerned and we are exceptionally positioned for them both. It is easy to have a very good stay and observe all the separation advice with out difficulty. We have hand sanitiser and wipes available. As a household we are very much staying put and are observing the pandemic precautions.


The Isle of Purbeck and Studland in particular is blessed with lots of wonderful walks, views and coastline. It is therefore easy to observe the isolation requirements in the fresh air and have a good time. Owing to the pandemic the pubs and restaurants are closed but some are still operating a takeaway service.