Weddings again in 2020

Having taken a break from holding weddings here in 2019 we are now taking bookings for weddings in 2020.  Shown here is a marquee from Coastal Tents.


Garden is still as lovely as ever and all that changes is that the trees get bigger – some of them in the conifer garden have got a bit too big and may have to go.

As always anyone contemplating a Studland Church wedding would do well to contact the vicar, Tony Higgins, early in the piece as it is such a historic and pretty church that it is becoming increasingly booked up for weddings.

Julia’s House Jurassic Trek Finish 2018

Julia’s House is a well regarded local childrens’ hospice charity that holds an annual Jurassic Trek fund-raising walk along the wonderful Jurassic and Purbeck coastline.  They asked us if we would consider being their finish line and we were of course happy to oblige and support this local charity.  The event took place on June 10th 2018 and all the walkers – arriving at various times throughout the day – depending on the killer competitive spirit and level of training(?).  Some of them were just glad to make it.

When they got in they were rewarded with refreshments and burgers and the whole lawn became one giant picnic.  The event was a great success and raised over £93,000 for the charity.

Howard’s End – Aunt Juley’s House

The BBC Howard’s End (shown in April 2018) features Harry Warren as Aunt Juley’s seaside house in Swanage in Episode 3 of 4.  The drawing room was set dressed to be totally Edwardian and there is some action in the garden.  It is very recognisable and they were here for a week preparing, setting up and filming.  Not much sitting around for the actors, they were working doing takes and retakes all the time

Bride Arrives By Sea

DSC_8138In the first Arrival By Sea the newly-weds Sam and Chloe and family came by catamaran from Poole quay to Studland Bay.  In perfect conditions the potentially delicate operation of ferrying first the Mothers of the Bride and Groom then the Bridal Couple themselves ashore went without a hitch.  The secret was a giant (17’6″) paddleboard but tDSC_8148he real genius was to have a couple of deckchairs placed amidships so the dignitaries could sit in some splendour.  Then it was up the beach steps to the waiting reception.  Couldn’t have gone better.


Lane Repaired

The lane from the road by the thatched cottages up to Harry Warren was in a very poor state and getting worse.  What really did for it were the very heavy rains a year or two ago that washed tons of fine material out of the lane and on to the road.  It was so bad that diggers were used to clear it out of the road.

We wrote to the County Council, the Parish Council, the National Trust and so on but none of them could do anything about it.  The lane belongs to the National Trust who are responsible for its maintenance but they said that they did not really use it so it was not that important to them.  Even though it is part of the Southwest Coastal Path and was becoming a walking hazard.

In the end we just hired the machines, bought the stone and repaired it ourselves.  It took less time than all HW-LaneMachinesthe letters we had written and actually got a result.

Had to keep on stopping the roller and chatting to people I knew were walking the path, including a wedding party from a couple of years ago.


The end result is that we have a nice flat lane (Alex has found a lump) that anything can now drive up with ease.  The bottom couple of metres is still quite rough to discourage people from thinking it is part of theDSC_8126 highway.

This will also make the walk from the Church to Harry Warren much nicer in its final stage.  In one of life’s ironies, having just fixed the lane, our next bride is going to arrive by sea and up the beach steps.  Will she be wearing Welly Boots?